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Beauty Electric Massage Gun


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  • ☀15 Massage Heads☀ The massage gun has 15 massage heads which can fit all your body regions. Each massage head is designed for specific muscle groups to effectively release muscle tension and help to relieve the pain. You can do a full-body massage yourself.
  • ☀ Impart Energy Into The Deep Muscle ☀ The muscle massage gun features a high power brushless motor, which can quietly and precisely impart energy to the deep muscle, release the muscle soreness and relax thoroughly.
  • ☀ Once Charge, One Week use☀ The massage gun deep tissue’s battery life is 2500 MAH, It takes 2 hours to charge fully and it continually lasts 6 hours. Our team of engineers developed AI chip according the World Health Organization standards. the fascia gun will stop automatically after continuous usage of 1 hour. Half an hour one day, can be used for one week.
  • ☀30 Adjustable Speed Levels☀ The percussion massage gun has 30 power levels up to 3200 rpm. Easily choose the most suitable speed, also this set is proper for targeting different muscle area, as we known, Different parts of the body have different tolerances to with power. With 12 heads, I can definitely say this is a truly full body massage set.
  • ☀Portable Suitcase Gift Package☀ As researches suggested, the average American’s time of sedentary is 9 hours which is extremely unhealthy. The deep tissue muscle massage gun comes with a gift package. Nowhere can stop you, if you want to have a massage immediately . You can even take it on the plane. Best gift to yourself, relatives and friends.