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Facial Massage Mask


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  • Firming facial skin: Effectively reduces fine lines, enhances skin contours, firmness and firmness Enhances skin elasticity and cellular function to make your skin more beautiful and younger.
  • Safety: Silicone 3D facial mask fits face shape, magnet massage head mimics body massage. EMS advanced technology and soothing massage technology can completely enhance the face and relax the skin.
  • Work mode selection: Three modes (import, sooth, lift). Soothing massage mode to sooth facial skin, smooth fine lines. Importing massage mode to promote skin absorption of facial mask and skin care products.
  • Easy to use: Easy to operate, 15 minutes smart alert function can control the nursing time, very convenient. You can also enjoy an SPA facial massage at home.
  • Introduce nutrition: This product combine mask care with acupoint massage perfectly, it can relax oneself, open Pores and bring in essence to nourish your face. which can keep your skin moist to active old cell and increase intracellular fluid.