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Ice Roller for Face and Eye


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  • 🧊 【Professional Beauty and Skin Care Tools】 Suitable for all skin types, IUMAKEVP ice roller not only firms and sculpts facial lines, tightens pores, de-puff eye bags, reduces fine lines, but also massages the whole body. It can effectively promote blood circulation and has multiple functions such as beauty, cleansing, and blood circulation.
  • 🧊 【New Upgrade】 Our facial ice roller is designed with a diamond cut surface for a comfortable hold. Add heart-shaped stopper design, easy to fill water without leakage and avoid refrigerator odor. New leak-proof slot design collects melt water to avoid wetting clothes. 2 types of ice roller molds provide you with 2 different shapes to meet different needs – the curved design is more suitable for facial contours, and the tapered design is more suitable for areas such as eyes, nose, etc..
  • 🧊 【Quality Silicone】 IUMAKEVP ice face roller is made of high quality silicone material, BPA free and reusable. You can tailor recipes to your skin’s needs, such as Cucumber Water for De-puffing, Green Tea for Inflammation, Lemonade for Brightening and Coconut Milk for Anti-aging. Perfect for home enjoyment, ideal gift for Mother’s Day, Birthday, Anniversaries, Christmas and Holidays.
  • 🧊 【Easy to Use】 You can add essential oils, roses or your favorite custom recipe, then add water to fill the ice roller mold to 90%, and put it in the refrigerator for 4-5 hours. After freezing, apply the ice to your skin in 30 second intervals in circular motions. For optimal results, use daily. (Warm tips: Please wait a few minutes before opening ice cube roller, or run under the water to loosen lid)
  • 🧊 【Multipurpose Ice Roller】 IUMAKEVP facial ice mold can be used not only for beauty, but also for physical cooling of fever and swelling, and also can be used for temporary cooling for sprain and injury, which is effective to relieve your ache and pain temporarily. Physical cooling is also very effective for skin redness and repair after sun exposure.