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Face Ice Cooler


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Major Functions:

(1)Skin Rejuvenation.
You can use it to shrink pores, lock in moisture and tighten skin;
(2)Discomfort Relief.
With a calming effect, it can also be used to soothe sunburn, edema, redness, and post-operative pains;
(3)Nutrient Import.
Its skin-fitting probe can produce an appropriate massaging force to help penetrate skin care products.

Long-lasting Coolness.

Aluminum alloy with excellent thermal conductivity is specially used. It feels cool, and can absorb coldness from environment efficiently to stay cold for a long time.

Enlarged Probe.

Compared with other coolers, it features a much larger probe, with which you’ll be able to enjoy 200% cooling efficiency & pleasure.

Lower Beauty Cost.

Made from exquisite workmanship, this cooler can be pla